Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Run for the Pumpkin

October 3, 2009 brought our family to Lethbridge to the annual run that's a Stewart tradition and a run that I remember running when I was younger. Rueger had been talking about this race and we decided to enter and he was so excited. This is him coming into the finish line at full speed.

Daddy ran with Briggs and they did amazing. Briggs only stopped once for a couple seconds to take a walk. Dad was so proud of him.
Grandma Stewart came to watch and take care of Devyn. (She didn't know that was a perk of coming to watch)! We were glad she came though even though it was a short race.
Our other cheerleaders. Grandma and Grandpa Perrett, Misty, Hunter, Turner, Summer and Jagger. They made it just in time. It was awesome to have them there to help cheer on the kids. We waited at the bottom of the first hill to see the kids run around the corner and Armes said as Briggs heard all of us cheering Armes eyes started waterting because Briggs started running faster and got so excited.

You guys did amazing. Briggs (4) ran his 2km race in 17 minutes. You did awesome bud and I am so proud of you. It was so much fun to see him running into the finish line. He was so fast and in his words he just "put on the speed."

I called in the big guns Uncle Russ to run with Rueger. I kept telling Rue that Uncle Russ wins all his races. If you listen to him he will help you go fast and do awesome. He did way better than awesome. He was so fast. He did his 2km in 12 minutes. They're were over 100 kids in his age group and he got first place. I couldn't believe it. I knew he was fast but there were so many kids. Uncle Russ paced him and passed some kids pukeing and finished strong. Uncle Russ I owe you big time, he has never been so excited for a long time, and we can't stop talking about it, and I don't want to stop talking about it.

Rueger with his first place ribbon. Briggs was kinda sad he didn't win a ribbon but when your in the same group as your older brother it's not gonna happen. Maybe next year bud. I told him he was the first 4 year old to cross the finish line (I have no idea) and he was so excited. Then the stories started coming out. He now says he was so fast he passed the bigger kids and he even passed a giant. Love him. Congrats boys you are amazing.

The next day I had a race back in the Hat. I ran with Armes assistant Lori and her friend Jen. we had a good time. Actually, we were pretty much the best I know. It was a fun casual run and I had a great time. We walked, we ran, we stepped in puddles, we mocked people. What more could you ask for? Thanks Lori for inviting me I had a blast.


Jackie S. said...

Awww...that made me cry too... I miss your boys, especially Rueger, he's such a stud. Way to go boys, you rock!!! :0)

Maureen said...

Wow! That's so sweet! I just commented on your other post, but I can't help but comment again. I'm so impressed with your boys!

leah.jane said...

becky, just found your blog through someone else's link and it's such fun to catch up with your fam. via photos! hope you don't mind me stopping by. your family is getting so very big!

Richard said...

okay, probably the cutest pictures of my life. I love Rue bookin it at the end! so priceless! i cant wait for Greta to race some day too!

Karen said...

good job boys!! i can't believe that rueger won! briggs is so funny.

The Coopers said...

okay, holy where did all the posts come from?? i didnt think it had been that long, looks like you had fun, looks like the boys had fun, wow devyn is getting so big, i cant believe she is 1!!